Marvelous Mt. Hope-Breithaupt Park: From Industrial Past to Innovative Present

Time: Saturday May 6 2023, 1-2:30 pm

Meeting Place: 72 St. Leger Street (corner of St. Leger & Breithaupt Streets), Kitchener

Walk Leaders: Lane Burman and Ted Parkinson

Ted Parkinson and Lane Burman will lead this walk through the Marvelous Mt. Hope-Breithaupt Park (MHBP) neighbourhood. In only a few blocks, just over a kilometre, we will discuss the history and development of our streets, businesses and industries. MHBP has been central to manufacturing furniture, buttons, tanning, pianos, stereos and more. And it is now a large part of the “innovation” district with software companies and two stops on the ION route. As always, there will be time to meet and talk with neighbours along the way.

This walk is sponsored by the Mount Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association (MHBPNA).

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